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1. I believe the stereotype of the used-car salesman has developed for several different, mostly valid reasons. First of all, as the article mentions, many used-car salesman use aggressive selling techniques. I know this from firsthand experience because the current car I bought from a used-car dealership, and the selling was definitely aggressive. The salesman was willing to do near anything to get the car off the lot and in my hands. Though he did lower the price, he still definitely used tactics that at the time seemed to solely be pointing things out to my advantage, but now, I see the things he said for what they were- nearly unethical selling techniques. The car had approximately $7,000 worth of warranty-covered repairs in the first year. Though the car had many things wrong with it, we were not covered under state “lemon” law because there was nothing that was not able to be fixed over time. However, it was quite an annoyance to have the car in the shop, not in my possession and without a “loaner” car, for a total of
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