Recitation_9 - CHEM 110 Recitation 9 2

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Unformatted text preview: CHEM 110 Recitation 9 2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1A. How do you find the pressure of the gas for each of the three set-ups shown below? 1B. The height of the column of mercury in the open ended manometer shown at the right (Figure B) is found to be 65 mm. If the external pressure is 1.06 atm, what is the gas pressure inside the bulb? figure B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2A. A cylinder containing 20.0 L of compressed nitrogen is connected to an empty (evacuated) vessel with an unknown volume. The gas pressure in the cylinder starts at 25 atm and drops to 2 atm without a change in temperature. Determine the volume of the vessel. Follow-up : Identify the gas law that is used to solve this problem. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2B . A sample of oxygen is confined at 273 K in a cylinder with a movable piston. The gas has an initial pressure of 1.0 atm. The piston compresses the gas so that the final volume is half the initial volume. The final pressure is 2.2 atm. What is the final temperature?...
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Recitation_9 - CHEM 110 Recitation 9 2

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