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texas board of education - Daniel Lee Period 9 Texas...

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Daniel Lee Period 9 Texas Textbook Editorial If one were asked to describe Texas, he is bound to say the word “big” in that description. Texas is the second largest state both by size and population. It is no wonder that Texas holds the second largest textbook market. One might think that having the second largest textbook market is not a big deal, but it really is a big deal. Because the textbook market is so big, many publishers will do anything to get their textbook accepted for the money. As a result, they may not necessarily tell true history. Because of the sheer size of the textbook market, the textbooks from Texas spreads to others states and those states adopt Texas‘s curriculum. There is a group of people called the Texas Board of Education who set the teaching standards for all subjects every decade. Textbook publishers have to follow these guidelines and get their textbook approved before they can be published. This board used to be somewhat evenly split from democrats to republicans, but today, through a very long and rigorous process, the board consists of five democrats and ten republicans. This brings up a problem because the imbalance between the democrats and republicans allows the republicans to change the curriculum for each subject as they like. Slowly but surely the board started customizing each subject to show republican ideals, even if the information wasn’t necessarily true. The last one to go was social studies, and that will be my main focus. The changes that the Texas board of education implemented to the social studies curriculum is unacceptable because the new curriculum twists events in history to reflect republican ideals positively
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texas board of education - Daniel Lee Period 9 Texas...

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