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Running head: NATIONAL PREVENTION EFFORT 1 National Prevention Efforts Kathy Reed HCA415: Community and Public Health Professor Kevin Hayes December 5, 2011
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Running head: NATIONAL PREVENTION EFFORT 1 National Prevention Effort Americans live the lifestyle that they enjoy living, but the problem with that is, it’s not always in a healthy manner. People tend to indulge in activities that cause problems within their body, which leads to chronic diseases, long-term illnesses and even death. Even though a person engages in activities such as smoking, over eating or excessive drinking, a person needs to take preventive measures to increase their quality of life by being healthy. The following will cover various federal, state and miscellaneous organizations that contribute to preventive medicine. First, when a person engages in activities such as smoking, over eating and excessive drinking, it can definitely lead to a life of pain, multiple medications, disability and even death. Most people’s daily routines don’t consist of eating a healthy meal, drinking plenty of water, doing some type of exercises and getting plenty of rest. People live active and busy lives, especially those with children. According to, Healthcare.gov (2011), “The National Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy is a comprehensive plan that will help increase the number of Americans who are healthy at every stage of life.” Created by the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council in consultation with the public and Advisory Group of outside experts, the strategy recognizes that good health comes not just from receiving quality medical care but from stopping disease before it starts. Turnock, (2011), writes “Health promotion activities attempt to modify human behaviors to reduce those known to affect adversely the ability to resist disease or injury-inducing factors, thereby eliminating exposures to harmful factors. Examples of health promotion activities include interventions such as nutrition counseling, genetic counseling, family counseling, and the myriad that constitutes health education. However, health promotion also properly includes the provision of adequate housing, employment, and recreational conditions, as well as other forms of community development activities (p.50).
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HCA415Week3WrittenAssignment - Running head NATIONAL...

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