5 basic elements of calligraphy

5 basic elements of calligraphy - 3.Application of the...

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5 basic elements of calligraphy: 1.Brush work (the way of holding the brush- the effect of application of the brush- light or dark, fast or slow, square or round, etc. the brush is an extremely flexible instrument. When it is used well, your spirit is supposed to flow through your arm and fingers and onto the paper. ) 2.Construction (the form and structure of the characters- each character in space.)
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Unformatted text preview: 3.Application of the ink (density of the ink- thick or thin) 3 different styles (1) Regular-most widely used (2) Running-thicker and heavier ink (3) Cursive-very light strokes 4.Composition (overall arrangement of the entire work.) 5.Rhythm (changes in speed and weight of the line so that each specimen of calligraphy has a rhythm- almost seems to move)....
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