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Conf vs Legalism - Even though two of the writers of...

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Even though two of the writers of Legalism were students of Xinzu, there are more of differences than the similarities with Confucianism. First, unlike the Legalism, Confucianism is more like concepts and ideas that represent the Humaneness. In Confucianism, instead of following the rules, many people look up to the virtues or ideal figures who can be role models for them. For example, Junzi is an ideal of human character and behavior. Confucius inspired the character and also tried to achieve it. Furthermore, there are virtues that people can follow to make them better. Confucian virtue is the wisdom. Wisdom is not just having much knowledge but knowing about other people. Having wisdom means, understanding people in sense of ethic and morality, knowing their characters, capability of knowing good and evil, and knowing the proper demands of the people. Furthermore, even though Confucianism isn’t really into the religion, it still respects it in order to know how to be distant from it. Confucius is very aware of the spiritual
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