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Daoism - Daoism represents the way of life by the two...

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Daoism represents the way of life by the two aspects, Existence and nonexistence aspects. Daoism including the two aspects is based on two primary texts which are Laozi and Zhuangzi. Laozi is more traditional version which expresses classic ways and virtues by the poetry and verses. The most famous or representative poetries are Jia Ji(trouble by misfortunes), Change Heng(the bones of Zhuangzi), and Pao Chien. First Jia ji is about Daoism spoken by visiting owls. From this poem, people can learn that fortune always swings and therefore no one knows when misfortune might come. In Change Heng, it talks about someone talking to the dead Zhuanzi who shares his experience of death. From this poem, people can learn that Death is better than Life since Life is full of congealed spirit which is cold and dark while Death is formed by the melted spirit that is warm and soft(Death>Life). Lastly, Pao Chien is a poem/verse about a farmer who has given up his previous job, and officer career, to devout his life to his land as a farmer. Reading this verse, people realize it is best to be out of politics because human society is at best when there is no changing dynasties or strife. Even though these verses or poems are somewhat paradoxical, it is very logical. In Daoism, the
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