Historiography - Historiography Chinese are avid fans of...

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Historiography Chinese are avid fans of history- accomplished in historical writing. 2 Approaches 1. Ethical approach to history- discover in the past examples of good and bad- follow good and remove bad in our present day society. Emulate good ppl in the past and avoid doing the same things as the people in the past- Chinese viewed history as a series of cycles not a straight line of evolution like we see now. Chinese thought it was just a constant revolution of good and bad. We can find same situations in past and present. See how past ppl handled it to figure out how to solve current problems. Nothing is new. 2. Collect all the facts you can and bring them all together in easily accessible form so you have a record of what people did. Story of the past- can’t understand present until we understand past- how did things come to be today. Not for lessons but just for a record- not for moral purposes. Scholarly approach- bibliographical approach Praise good and bad to encourage and counsel against. Emphasize bad results so there is some kind of moral indication in history. Confucian loved the best of the ancient tradition and was carrying it forward- was a good historian. Connected the present and the past 1 instance of the historical approach in Classic of Documents- historical work- metal bound cougher. Duke of Zhou offers himself to his ancestors in place of his older brother. Record was kept in the cougher. Later the D of Z was slandered and exiled and heaven, angry, sent a terrible windstorm which flattened the grain and promised a famine. The king turns to the ancient records, opens the cougher, finds about the virtue of his uncle, feels bad about exiling him. The king consulted the records to find out what to do. Records had valuable things that can help with current problems. State of Lu- used events in the work editing them and changing wording to reflect his own philosophy to see who is worthy of praise and blame. Spring and Autumn Annals- a Confucian classic. Had brief entries and need commentary to understand them. Passage of time from one season to another- called Spring and Autumn period. Han was a time when scholarship was devoted to recover everything after the Chin period. China
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Historiography - Historiography Chinese are avid fans of...

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