Legalism and Confucianism

Legalism and Confucianism - 2 From a legalist view what was...

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2) From a legalist view, what was wrong with Confucianism? - how did legalism and Confucianism blend to create Chinese theory of empire? - legalism states: cannot rely on the wisdom of the people , which is an important concept for Confucianism - legalism says minds are like babies; don’t know what’s good for them - legalism emphasized everything public and punished everything private - law and order only comes from one source: ruler - laws are implemented only by a ruler , and they do everything - humaneness (an important Confucian concept) cannot be used to achieve order in the state according to legalism - human nature is selfish, greedy, lazy from birth (Confucians do not think this way), so people need to be either rewarded or punished to become good - legalism: school of law // Confucianism: school of scholar - legalism is materialistic - Confucianism glorifies past and emphasizes that everything is based on what happened in the past, but legalism emphasizes on present and the future (past is nothing but past)
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