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Mencius and Xunzi are both Confucius believers but have different point of views towards the human nature. Despite of both being very optimistic Confucius believers, they blatantly differs when talking about the interpretations of individual betterment. First, Mencius lived during the warring states period in Chinese history(late 4 th century BC to early 3 rd century BC). Some of the Mencius’ core ideas of human nature comes from Gaozi, a Mencius Book written by Gaozi, a famous Confucius philosopher. From the book, he learned and also then believed that everything is in best condition when things are neutral(against the violence). Mencius therefore claimed that like water flowing downwards by the gravity, human nature is towards the good in the beginning. He backed up his arguments by asking a question, if an infant is on an edge of a well(dangerous position), what do you do? He believed that most of people will stop and save the child from the death by the instinct. This action is not done for any materialistic advantage or any appreciation, but done
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