1.1 - 40,000-13,000 BP (Upper Palaeolithic): last Ice Age;...

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1.1 Ancient Greece in Context Greece and the Mediterranean location and physical geography natural resources crops and livestock neighbors Pre-Historical Context 4-300,000 BP (Before Present): earliest evidence of hominid activity in Greece 200,000-40,000 BP (Middle Palaeolithic): Neanderthals in Europe; earliest burials in Greece 100-40,000: emergence of MODERN HUMANS (Cro-Magnons)
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Unformatted text preview: 40,000-13,000 BP (Upper Palaeolithic): last Ice Age; HUNTING CULTURE 9000 (in Near East)-3000 BCE (northwest Europe): NEOLITHIC REVOLUTION emergence of agriculture-dependent societies, first towns 6500 BCE: agricultural societies in Greece 2000 BCE: earliest Greek-speakers in Greece (?)...
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