1.2 - palaces: definition, nature of economy social...

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1.2 The Minoans: The Pre-Greek Population of Crete Re-discovery of Minoan Crete (1899) Crete in later Greek mythology birth of modern archaeology (Arthur Evans) Overview of Minoans origin of name (mythical king) main sites: Knossos, Phaistos, Mallia civilization: Neolithic to Bronze Age (follows cues from Egypt, Near East) language: unknown; not Greek rough overall timeline circa 7000: earliest human habitation of Crete (Neolithic) c3500: beginnings of Minoan cities c3000: acquisition of Bronze Age technology c2500-2000: Pre-Palatial period c2000-1600: Old Palace period by around 1800: Linear A script (administrative uses only) c1600: destruction and rebuilding of palaces (possible causes) c1600-1400: New Palace Period c1400-1100: Final Palace Period (Linear B script = Greek) Minoan Society small city-states
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Unformatted text preview: palaces: definition, nature of economy social structure priest-kings, palace officials, workers, slaves gender roles goddesses depictions of women (compare later Greece) Minoan religion gods (polytheistic): divine pairs, nature goddesses, city protectors etc. rituals: sacrifice, processions, bull cult sacred spaces (relation to palaces) burial: collective tombs (inhumation; grave goods) Life in a Volcanically Active Region Thera (Santorini): frescoes tsunamis on Crete Minoans in the Mediterranean trade, projection of power through ships (thalassocracy) integration into larger economic/political structures example: Egypt (Keftiu) warlike? (evidence from art, layout of palace complexes) Minoan cultural achievements palaces literacy art architecture...
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1.2 - palaces: definition, nature of economy social...

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