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1.4 - 1.4 The Mycenaean Palaces Peak of Mycenaean...

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1.4 The Mycenaean Palaces Peak of Mycenaean Power (1500-1300 BCE) relationship with Minoans Throne Room at Knossos: main room refurbished with “throne” and frescoes Linear A and Linear B: similar symbols to Linear A, different language (Greek) palaces Minoan model (similarities & differences) Similarities to Mycenaean – economy, architecture, administration Difference – smaller, fortified, use of space (megaron) centralized administration Linear B: earliest evidence of the Greek language (Ventris did the decipherment, uses) Syllabary not an alphabet (like Linear A, Egyptian, NE scripts) palaces as displays of power: military, techonological, social etc. major sites: Pylos, Vapheio (Sparta), Tiryns, Athens, Thebes, Dendra (Argos), Knossos interactions among palace centers evidence for: similar organization, architecture, Linear B evidence against: no evidence of cooperation in Linear B tablets no documents that refer to eachother palaces, all are only for the place that it is talking about or is in Mycenean Palace Culture social structure (difficulties in interpretation) from art, Linear B records, organization of space
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