1.8 - 1.8 Geometric Greece Pottery identification type of...

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1.8 Geometric Greece Pottery – identification type of clay manufacture (wheel ) fabric painting expensive heirloom items inscription for users makers mark Periods Geometric named for common design son pottery o Technology wheel compass glazes o Increasingly elaborate desigsn post bronze age tendency to avoid representational art rare then more common horse The spirtit of the age o Incrased sense of stability this is a much more optimistic age than the dark ages o Larger building projects –so they didn’t have to worry as much abou them being destroyed o Greater diversity of number o fmaterial goods now more grave goods o Communities turn outward Trade! Colonization! War! Return of contact with foreign ideas Technologies arts and institutes Recovery and Renaissance o Demography of geo metric Greece o Gradual increase in population 1000-800 o Phenomenal 3-4% yearly increase in the 8 th and 7 th centruey Public works o Walls – first in 19 th centure Smyrna becoming gcommon by 7 th o Encompass entire community contrast to bronze age palaces o This is important to remember because never be fore have they had these! Thi smenas that now we have the money to build the walls and we have stuff that people want enough to make them need to build them o Temples – monumental large and lasting made of stone the megaron is the basis for these things to be built this shows that people are invested in their communities Revival of contracts among greek communities o Emerging regional identities (leagues , cults) o With non Greeks Greek trading posts overseas (emporia singular emporion ) Euboia Corinth Aegean in modern Lebanon (founded in 825) Eubioa Corinth Aegean islanders early Athens later o Trading posts in foreign lands (emporia ) o Naukartis in Egypt (founded 650 ) Ionians main participants
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1.8 - 1.8 Geometric Greece Pottery identification type of...

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