2.2 - 2.2 how do we know what we know - archeology study of...

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2.2 how do we know what we know - archeology study of how people lived based on what they left behind o Proliterate vulture late into the archaic perios o Literary recors text wrtting by ancients authors o Most extensive detailed evidence no tmost reliable (primacy of material evidende) o Proliterate meter (rhythm ) rhyme musical accompaniment o Traditional poetry = advanced preliterate IT o Advantages: cheap readily available o Disadvantages : labor ntensive unreliable after 3 generations - Syllabic Greek (linear B) :1500-1100 BCE (administrative record - Alphabetic greek 8000 BCE too present o Regionalism of scripts o To – 250 BCE all capitals little punctuation - Medi= start off using unprocessed natural material like bark wood leaves and bones o First media = little direct evidence for most anciet cultures (because usually decomposes) o Advantages = cheap readily available o Disadvantages = perishable and difficult to work with - Moved to clay the note paper of antiquity o Tablets (linear A and B) pottery fragments (ostraka ) o Advantage s(usually ) cheap available functional and durable o Disadvantages = awkward to work with and fragile if large - Stoen for permanent display: monuments, decrees ect o Example lawcode at gortyn crete o Advantages (usually readily available durable o Dsisadvantaes = difficult to work with often reused - Metal! o Used for high value items like plaques and grave goods o Advantages = durable relatively easy to work with o Disadvantages = expeisve often reused - Papyrus o It’s a fibrous reeds grown along the nIle main medium from 500 BCE to 400 CE o Usual forma was a scroll (implications for working with texts o Main source of direct textual evidence from antiquity o Advantages = easier to work with thn clay ect relatively durable o Disadvantages = expensive difficult to procure and fragile - Parchment (processed animal hide 400 to 1500 CE o First true books implications for working with texts o Advantages = more workable durable than pyrisu can be made flat so you can make it a book which makes it faster you can do page numbers = easier to work with recyclable o Disadvantages = expenize recylcalbe palimpsest
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- Paper and printing (from china adopted in Europe 1300 to 1500 CE) o Processed wood imprinted with ink o Advantages = cheap raw materials readily avalbe exact copies treess all over the place o Disadvantages = complicated production liable to fire - Future = electronic media o Advantages = convenience flexibility ease of transmission cheap o Disdvantage infrastructure rapid evolution liable to disaster h - Athens – preeminent economic cultural power in classical Greece o Home of many authors = dramatists philosophers historians ect o Collection of manuscripts : local from other communities
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2.2 - 2.2 how do we know what we know - archeology study of...

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