3.4 - Thucydides of Athens [Dillon 16.4] background family...

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3.4. Classical Greek Literature: History beginnings history: the systematic inquiry into the past antecedents prose vs. poetry Hekataios (Hecataeus) of Miletos: the first historian (6th century) [Dillon 16.1] account of the world: Gibraltar to Black Sea, Egypt; map approach: rationalize myths, harmonize chronologies, personal observation skepticism Herodotos of Halikarnassos [Dillon 16.3] background Rhodes to Thurii context of the work the Histories composition and dissemination scope sources (attitude toward Hekataios) goals methods and viewpoint Herodotos as a storyteller action narrative speeches causation role of gods ( hybris ate nemesis ) folk tales limitations of Herodotos as a historian focus on individuals limited analysis gullibility (examples)
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Unformatted text preview: Thucydides of Athens [Dillon 16.4] background family politics relationship to Herodotos context of the work (role in Peloponnesian War) the Peloponnesian War composition scope (completeness) perspective goal sources: personal experience, interviews methods and viewpoint Thucydides as historian speeches causation analysis of human behavior limitations of Thucydides as a historian objectivity focus on individuals some other Greek historians Xenophon of Athens [Dillon 16.5] background composition works ( Anabasis , Sokrates) Atthidographers [Dillon p. 537] accounts of Alexander the Great Ptolemaios (Ptolemy) I universal historians (Herodotean tradition) Roman period (Polybios)...
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3.4 - Thucydides of Athens [Dillon 16.4] background family...

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