3.5 - 3.5 THE PENTAKONTAETIA(479-31 BCE...

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3.5. THE PENTAKONTAETIA (479-31 BCE) pentakontaetia (Greek pentakonta fifty + etia years): Thucydides’ term for the time between the end of the Persian Wars and the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War (roughly 480 to 430 BCE) review: The Delian League 1st meeting (477 BCE) Transformation of the Hellenic League into a permanent alliance Administration of oaths to unite against Persians Treasury at delos Panhellenic shrine of Apollo role of Aristeides of Athens assesses contributions reprocutsions of (Spartan Pausanias’ behavior) [Dillon 12.2] enrollment of approximately 150 poleis voluntarily concerns about Athens refortification [opposed by Sparta (remember the walls of Athens were destroyed y persiands) Dillon 12.1] o They were scared of Athens one polis / one vote provision of delian league from Delian League to Athenian Empire main general of the early League = Kimon of Athens ( who is son of Miltiades) naval campaign of 476 BCE: in the Aegean capturing successively Eion = Persians Skyros,= non Greeks Karystos medzign Greeks , Naxos loyal Greeks forced back into League (motivations) [Dillon 12.3-4] All of these things show how they are doing things more for Athens than the good of the Greek community Battle of Eurymedon (467) [Dillon 12.7-8] = major Persian defeat at this war in Asia Minor consequences for Persia o Leads to a palace coup in Persia (Xerces out ) o Demonstrates weakness for the fleets supporting the Persians There not native Persians ! ie they don’t care much significance for the League o Undermines reasons for league o The Greeks have shown that they can rule the Aegean and the Persians don’t really care any more Revolt of Thasos (465): role of Sparta [Dillon 12.9] 465 Thasos forced back into League after a long battle where they sieges it
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3.5 - 3.5 THE PENTAKONTAETIA(479-31 BCE...

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