3.11 - Plato of Athens (ca. 429-347) the dialogues...

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3.11. ANCIENT GREEK PHILOSOPHY definition ( philos + sophia ) Pre-Socratic Philosophy principles reality vs. perception god(s), humans and justice nature of the soul, matter, universe origins at edges of Greek world Ionia (east), Magna Graecia (west) Ionia (6th-5th centuries) The Ionian Enlightenment (relationship to tyranny, Near East) Thales Anaximander Herakleitos [Dillon 3.6, 3.40] Anaxagoras [Dillon 3.76] Magna Graecia (6th-5th centuries) Pythagoras Xenophanes [Dillon 2.2, 3.68, 1.78, 3.4-5] mystical philosophy Parmenides Empedokles [Dillon 3.73-74] Abdera (Thrace) (5th century) Protagoras [3.77] Demokritos Sokrates and Plato Sokrates of Athens (470-399 BCE) the Socratic method [Dillon 3.83-85, 5.60] perspectives on Sokrates [Dillon 3.79-82] Plato Xenophon Aristophanes [Dillon 9.34-5]
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Unformatted text preview: Plato of Athens (ca. 429-347) the dialogues evolution of Plato’s philosophy philosophical principles theory of knowledge nature of the soul and the universe ethics, politics and society [Dillon 3.85, 5.58] Plato on poetry [Download] Aristotle & Aristotelian Philosophy Aristotle of Stagira (Macedon) (384-322) relationships with Plato, Alexander the Great origin of texts works logic and metaphysics natural philosophy (science) ethics and politics [Download] [Dillon 16.17] literary criticism (compare Plato) Hellenistic philosophy roles of philosophers in daily life the Academy & Neo-Platonism (Plato) the Peripatetics (Aristotle) the Stoa (Chrysippos, Zeno and Kleanthes) Epicureanism (Epikouros of Samos)...
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3.11 - Plato of Athens (ca. 429-347) the dialogues...

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