4.4 - Delos Roman expansion the Hellenistic kingdoms Roman...

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4. Greece and Rome long history of interactions Bronze Age Archaic period protocolonization Greek pottery early references in literature Classical period Greek drama awareness of Rome Greek influence on Roman religion lining up the gods iconography Sibylline oracle mystery religions th -3 rd centuries BCE) common enemy: Phoenicians Sicily: Hiero II of Syracuse (271-216) 1 st Roman province common enemy: Carthage (Phoenicians) Roman expansion: conquest of Greece Macedonian Wars (215-148) 1st: allied with Hannibal of Carthage 2nd: Greeks seek Roman aid (Battle of Cynoscephalae, 197) 3rd: Perseus 4th: the Achaean League (destruction of Corinth, 146) Roman policy toward Greece province of Achaea administration “free cities”
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Unformatted text preview: Delos Roman expansion: the Hellenistic kingdoms Roman conquest of the Seleucid Empire province of Syria (64) Parthian Empire Cleopatra VII, last monarch of Ptolemaic Egypt Julius Caesar Marcus Antonius province of Egypt (30 BCE) Hellenization of Roman culture attraction and repulsion philhelllenism: example of Scipio traditionalist reaction: example of Cato Roman claim to Trojan descent (Aeneas) conquest as payback Aeneas & the Caesars Greek influence on Latin literature Roman epic example: Aeneid of Virgil Roman philosophy and rhetoric examples: Cicero, Lucretius Roman drama examples: Terence, Plautus and Greek New Comedy Greek influence on Roman architecture temples theaters Greece under the pax Romana general picture Athens Delphi, Eleusis Olympia, Sparta...
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4.4 - Delos Roman expansion the Hellenistic kingdoms Roman...

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