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Exam 1 Review - Format for Exam 1 o 50 multiple choice questions - 10 qs on each of thes e Earlies Greeks End of Bronze Age to Early Iron Age Geometric Greece Polis Orientalizin, revolution and Tyrannies Art, Athens and Sparts Panhellenism and Athetics - Dates : always approximate - Places: main sites, change and continuity over time - People: mythical and historical be able to distinguish - Relationships among Greeks and non Greeks o When were the Greeks more integrates - Society : change and continuity over time - Organization of space= megaron how do palaces differ - Sociall groups – whose ontop whose on bottom - Technology = writing military ect - Ancient Greece o Location Close to sea valleys separate = makes them isolate No major rivers for transportation Closeness to Egypt and enear east shape them o Geography o Natural resources o Neighbors - Minoans of Crete know dates 2500 BCE o Society = heiracrhical presit king than the command economy o Economy : thalassocracy palaces o Relations with Egypt and near east o Achievement Linear A arts Architecture - Myceneans o Arrival (2000 BCE ) – arrival of first greek speaking Greeks shaft graves perios 1500 o Relationship with the minoasn o Spciety o Economy: palaces o Relationship with Egypt near east o Achievements : linear B arts architecture = much like the minoan palaces minus the megaron this is only in myceneans o Remember the euro indo hypothesis o Mycenean society is much like Minoan society its heirearchical, has a leader called wanax lahoogetas = in charge of militrayr andbasieleus In charge of slaves - Trade system o Integreated into the med trade effort
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o They are fully in it both Minoan and myceneans = trading outposts in places like ionian and Italy - Images o Palace at knosos o Palas at pylos o Shaft graces at mycene o Tholos o Megaron o Troy o Paris and Helen o Red figure becayse black backgrounds o Heroon = built of wood and than repurposed as a shrine o Karphi – its located far from the sae and far awat the old palaces o Redfigure potrrye – o Drinking party o Hoplite plalanx - From the Bronze Age to the Early Ion Age o Collapse 1300- 1100 patttern extent possible causes o Aftermath (submycenean 1125 -1050 ) None of the palaces rebuilt Possible causes: multiple factor causes Mycenean ppottery in Palestine = refugees moving This destroys trade network Forced to stop using bronze because they cant get the tin but forced to switch to steal Demography Total crach of population Technologies No stone temples Linaer a and b can no longer be read The representational art = gon e Contacts ALMOST completely isolated form everyone
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Exam 1 Review - Exam 1 Review Format for Exam 1 o 50...

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