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Study Guide Quizzes 1 – 5 Quiz 1: - Settlement patterns in ancient Greece were shaped by access to the sea and shipping routes. - The early Greek community at Lerna had storage for large amounts of food, shared features with later Mycenaean communities, and shows evidence of a social hierarchy. - Minoan culture was greatly influenced by Egyptian culture. - The absence of evidence for fortifications around Minoan cities suggests that the Minoans possessed powerful navies. - The script known as “Linear A” was used for keeping track of palace inventories.
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Unformatted text preview: -Pylos was believed by post-Bronze Age Greeks to have been the kingdom of the Homeric hero Nestor-Like most Greek communities from the earliest times up to the Roman period, Mycenaean kingdoms remained largely independent. -Compared to Minoans, the Mycenaeans seem to have had less gender equality-. In the Mycenaean language, a wanax was the leader of a palace community. -The Shaft Grave complex served as the focus of community worship....
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