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Quiz 3 review - Archaic to Roman period Greece were written...

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Quiz 3 - The population of Greece from the end of the Early Iron Age through the Geometric period increased. - In most ancient Greek colonies, the original colonists came from a single polis back in Greece, maintained close ties with the metropolis, and did not include women. - Delphi was important for the founding of Greek colonies because the oracle of Apollo there was consulted by Greek cities seeking to found colonies - . Both Linear B and the writing system the Greeks adopted during the 8th century were borrowed from another culture. - For "Nestor's Cup," see Dillon 2.10 (p. 53). Most documents for day-to-day use in
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Unformatted text preview: Archaic to Roman period Greece were written on a disposable material made from a reed that grows along the Nile.-Alexandria in Egypt played a crucial role in the history of Greek literature because ancient Greek manuscrpts were collected and stored at the library there. -The Iliad was composed in dactylic hexameter. -Research over the past century has demonstrated that this poem was originally composed without the aid of writing-. Early Geometric Greek vases date to around 900 BCE....
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