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Quiz 4 - During his life typical native-born free man in an ancient Greek polis would settle legal disputes in the ekklesia, serve as a hoplite, and worship a poliad deity. - In most ancient Greek poleis, the agora served as public space for commerce and gatherings of the demos. - The proportion of the total population with full citizenship rights in most poleis was less than 50% - . Most Greek tyrants were from powerful families. - Polykrates of Samos became tyrant of his polis. Sappho’s poem, like the
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Unformatted text preview: Hesiodic epic Works & Days , features a first-person narrator; hers is the only writing by an ancient Greek woman weve encountered so far in this class. -The women depicted in Archaic Greek kor sculptures are usually smiling. -Black figure and red figure are kinds of ancient Greek vase painting.-Like many Greek lyric poets, Sappho and Alkaios lived & worked on the eastern edge of the Greek world....
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