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Quiz 5 review - -The Spartan king Kleomenes was...

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Quiz 5 - Archaic Greek sculpture was heavily influenced by Egyptian art. - The social status of most visual artists in Archaic Greek society was comparable to that of craftsmen. - The philosopher Aristotle admired the fact that Spartan government combined elements of monarchy, oligarchy and democracy. - Lykourgos (Lycurgus) was the mythical fo under of the Spartan constitution. - The Spartan ephors were the main day-to-day governing body.
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Unformatted text preview: -The Spartan king Kleomenes was inconsistent in his dealings with Hippias. -The supporters of Kylon were killed in a temple by Athenians.-Solon made his reforms known through the medium of lyric poetry.-It is clear that these reforms were not wholly successful, because Peisistratos became tyrant of Athens within a few years after the reforms were enacted.-Theseus was credited with the synoecism of Attica....
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