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Chapter 8 quiz review - Chapter 8 Study Guide for Quiz 8...

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Chapter 8 Study Guide for Quiz 8 concepts aftermath of Peloponnesian war (economic, demographic consequences; Athenian government) - Economic o For trade = well the infrastructure was damaged and many I fnot all of the merchant vessels were depleted – because theywere either taken over to use as military or bombedby others o There is a lot of ill will floating around between Spartans and Athenians and between evern threre own people after 3 generation s of conflict o The land was either abandoned, raveged by invading armies that will take years to recover :[ o The workers= dead, displaced malnourished or dicrepid many of the hoplite infantrys completely gon o Plus many only have military training :[ - Demographic Conserquences o Mercenaries like Xenophon of Athesn Dead displaced malnourishes unemployed or exiled - Athenian Governemnt o Since Athens was defeated I the Peloponesian War there were many consequences o The Governent was taken over by Sparta and they controlled the Government by using an oligarchic faction called the 30 = this is why he didn’t just destroy Athens Kritias = ruled the 30 used a reign of terror like stalin :[ Theramenes = modrate who tried to control Kritias failure is executed o But there is a democratic Revolution Athens has the support of Thebes and Megara they help them in the Battle of Piraeus where they kill Kritias This leads to a transitional governtmnt which later leads to a full restoration of democracy Everyone is pardoned but the 30 who are tried and executed Except Sokrates who is a friend of the aristocracy o Victim of democratic payback! o Charged with disrespecting the gods and corrupting the youth tried and killed = Philosophical Martyr ancient Greek society (household, families, economy) - House holds (oikos) = extended family o Father, mother, kids,slaves and dependents o You also have kinship groups called Genos of Phatry o Your tribe its you phyle; regional group = deme These often revolve around your mythical ancestor = ie Achilles o Poleis = city state these people are your fellow citizen o Many clubs that cross across social lines
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o Drinking clubs = hetairetia met at parties = symposium o Religion EVERYWHER E - Families o Structure Eldest male has absolute power over everyone; eldest female controls women and children; there is a lot of social and legal pressure to maintain elders o Within the oikos Anything goes! As long as we cant see it you turn a blind eye to all of those brusies :[ Gendering of spaces Andron for men Gunaikon for women Virolocal marriage = wife joins husbands oikos young Kids have to be recognized by dad o Education Formal only for rich Informal everyone else - Economy o If your parent wasn’t what you wanted to be and they didn’t have the money to apprentice you you are shit out of luck o Not a lot of money and its hard work and limited availability of goods ancient Greek law (procedures, officials, court procedure, court speeches - Procedures - Officials -
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