Chapter 9 quiz review

Chapter 9 quiz review - Chapter 9 concepts classical Greek...

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Chapter 9 concepts classical Greek art (developments, artists and patrons) Philip II and the rise of Macedon (encroachment in Greece, policies) - Encroachment in Greece o Reforms His goal was to stabilize Arcahic Macedonia government and army Influenced by Epimandos of Thebes Macedonian Phalanx = longer spears and looser ranks Increases warrior aristocracy o Takes over Greece 3 rd Sacred War Athens Vs Thebes over control of Delphi Phillip II sides with Thebes and they crush Athens Macedon gets more territory Relationship with Athens and Phillip II Phillip II destroys olynthos = Athens ally Athens fails to unite greec against macedon Demosthenes of Athens o Athenian orator against Phillip II o He negotiates a peace agaisn him but gives up on it when he realizes that the peace wont countain him 4 th Sacred War Phillip II uses Delphi as an excuse to invade! (invade what thebes?) Athens and Thebes unite against Macedon Battle of Chaironiea o Athens and Thebes are absolutely defeated by Phillip II o This is the beginning of the end of the free polis! o What exactly does he mean by this? After Char=ironeia Corinthian League = an attempt by Phillip II to legitimize Macedonian control of Greece Promise to unite free Greece against Persia In reality it was just Phillip IIs way of using it as a Basis for the Macedonian Empire He is Assassinated in 336 o Opposition within the Macedonian Aristocracy
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Alexander the Great and his Empire (origins, spread of empire, attitudes toward subject peoples) - Early o Son of Phillip II Main wife = Olympos o Tutored by Aristotle and He was a Successful general as a teenager in Battle of Chaironiea - Consolidated Power o purged the royal family after the death of his father a o Crused a Revolt in Norther Greece - Invades Asia o Battle of Gravikos Against persia Gives Ionian Greeks freedom from persian domination o Battle of Issos Leads army around Meditieraena Persian Royal family is captured and Darius flees East - Tyre and Gaza destroyed which puts an end to the resistance - Alexander in Eqypt o Persian Satraps surrender o Alex makes himself a god and a pharaoh o Founds Alexandria - Conquest of Asia o Goes back to puruse Darius III o Battle OF Guagamela 331 Greeks victorious but Darius excapes Alex makes himself Persian king Captures Babylon and burns capital (Persepolis ) to the ground Darius flees again but is killed by a satrap in Afganistan Buried with honors - Bakrtia nad Sogfiana o Hard to conquer modern Afganistan o Macedonians don’t like Alexandr right now :[ because of his behavior Erratic
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Chapter 9 quiz review - Chapter 9 concepts classical Greek...

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