Key for Quiz 8 - it is evident what an influence music& poetry have over the the mind and how variously they can fascinate it and this is so

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Key for Quiz 8: In the course of a typical Classical Athenian court speech, a defendant would make ad hominem (personal) attacks on his accusers. Athenian jurors hearing most court cases were paid volunteers. In the first decade after the end of the Peloponnesian War, Athens threw out its Spartan-backed oligarchy and restored its democracy. The final elimination of Sparta as a major power in Greece was in part a consequence of its long occupation of Thebes. The typical ancient Greek house had separate men’s and women’s quarters. Free (non-slave) women in Classical Athens usually married in their teens. Aristotle wrote that
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Unformatted text preview: it is evident what an influence music & poetry have over the the mind, and how variously they can fascinate it: and this is so, most certainly youth ought to be instructed in them . Ancient Greek slaves could be ethnic Greeks; they sometimes served as government officials; and they even had to be tortured to produce testimony for court. Slavery in ancient Greece discouraged technological innovation. Sokrates, unlike most philosophers before him, argued that the foundation of wisdom is awareness of one’s own ignorance....
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