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Quiz Chapter 7 Review - Chapter 7 Study Guide for Quiz 7...

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Chapter 7 Study Guide for Quiz 7 concepts Pentakontaetia (Delian League to Athenian Empire; tensions between Athens and Sparta) - Definition = the Pentakontaetia (thucides terms fot he time between Persiand and Peloponesian wars - Delian League to Athenian Empire o They came up with the Delian League to transform the Hellenic Leaue into a Permanent Alliance to unite against the Perisons – treasury at Delos o Role of Aristides was to access contributions and Pausanas behavior o Concerned about Athens Spartans didn’t want to rebuild Athens because they are scared about them o Leadership of Kimon of Athens (son of Militades ) Had a naval campaign in 476 and captured: persians, nongreeks, medizing Greeks and loyal Greeks forced back into the League Battle of Eurymedon Persia is defeated in Asian Minor; coup happens and Xerces is out Shows how weak the fleets supporting the Persians are= this undermines reason for the league because if Persia is weak and no longer a threat they do not need to gang up against them Revolt of Thasos Thasos is forced back into league and has a dispute with TAhens over mining interesting Kimon was ostracized in 461 and forced out of Athens Progression towards imperialism o League no longer being used for original purpose o No longer defensive towards Persians and Medizers o Economic and strategic considerations being considered o We need Sparta to help us control Athens Cyrus and Eqypt League sends ships to Cyrpus where the Persian fleet is to help Libyans for asked for help defending against Persia! Persians trap and defeat Greeks and Libyans o This shows that yes the Persians are staying out of Greek affairs but don’t come onto our shores bitch Back to Cyprus with Kimon when he comes back o He dies in battle and some of the Greeks turn pro Persians because there sick of how theleague has changed Peace of Kallias 449 Kallias = general after Kimon; this peace says Persia, stay where you are and we will stay where we are! This undercuts reason for the League and Ionian Greeks get screwed League Headquarters Move form Delos to Athens
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Suppose to protect it makes everyone think Athens is too big for their britches o Rebuilding of the Athenian Temples This goes against the oath they took at Platia which said we wouldn’t rebuild them so no one forgot what the Persians did to us Congress decree of 449 = perikles calls metting of all greks Supposed to discuss rebuilding of temples end up using treasury funds to rebuild. . everyones like what the fuck o Athenians exercise of power Control trade, impose customs threaten enemies and allies make clurechie - Tensions between Athens and Sparta o Problmes for Sparta Their leadership has been sucking ie Leochdas and Pausanias Tension in Peloponese Agos Mantinea and Tegea want to form a separate League Helot revolt starts 464 and lasts 10 years and they don’t take the aid from Athens o Provocative Acts by Athens
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Quiz Chapter 7 Review - Chapter 7 Study Guide for Quiz 7...

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