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KEY TO QUIZ 3: The population of Greece from the end of the Early Iron Age through the Geometric period increased. In most ancient Greek colonies, the original colonists came from a single polis back in Greece, maintained close ties with the metropolis, and did not include women. Delphi was important for the founding of Greek colonies because the oracle of Apollo there was consulted by Greek cities seeking to found colonies. Both Linear B and the writing system the Greeks adopted during the 8th century were borrowed from another culture. For "Nestor's Cup," see
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Unformatted text preview: Dillon 2.10 (p. 53). Most documents for day-to-day use in Archaic to Roman period Greece were written on a disposable material made from a reed that grows along the Nile. Alexandria in Egypt played a crucial role in the history of Greek literature because ancient Greek manuscrpts were collected and stored at the library there. The Iliad was composed in dactylic hexameter. Research over the past century has demonstrated that this poem was originally composed without the aid of writing. Early Geometric Greek vases date to around 900 BCE....
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