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Quiz 2: From the Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age concepts Bronze Age collapse (general picture, demography of Greece, theories, continuities and discontinuites) Submycenaean Period (demography, culture, loss of technologies) Early Iron Age (aka "Dark Age") (culture, technologies, regional differentiation, as context for Heroic Age) Trojan War (story, evidence for, sources for, as cultural construct)
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Unformatted text preview: Dorian Invasion (story, evidence for) identifications Agamemnon basileus Cyprus Helen IMAGE Heraklaidai Sons of Herakles) Herodotos (view of Trojan War) Karphi IMAGE Lefkandi IMAGE Menelaos Nichoria Philistines Paris IMAGE Priam Heinrich Schliemann Thucydides (view of Trojan War) Troy (Hissarlik) IMAGE...
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