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Quiz 3: Geometric Greece concepts colonization (process, founder, site selection, colonists; roles of community, of oracles; main regions) proto-colonization (regions, motivations) internal colonization (regions, motivations) literacy (origins of Greek alphabet; alphabet vs. syllabary; evolution of literary culture) sources of information about ancient Greece (media; manuscript traditions) epic poetry (origins & definition; composition; manuscripts; Homeric Questions; depictions of society)
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Unformatted text preview: identifications Achilles Agamemnon Alexandria (library) Al Mina ( emporion ) Attica Cyrene IMAGE dactylic hexameter (meter of epic poetry) Delphi (oracle of Apollo) IMAGE Geometric period (how defined) IMAGE “Greek Renaissance” Hesiod(ic) Homer(ic) Iliad metropolis Messenia Nestor's Cup (inscription) IMAGE Odysseus Odyssey oikistes papyrus IMAGE Partheniai Phoenicians pottery (significance) Sicily (Greeks and natives) Taras (aka Tarentum) Theogony Telemachos Works and Days...
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