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Quiz 4: Orientalizing Greece concepts the polis (compared to BA communities; defining characteristics, origins and development of) tyranny in ancient Greece (definition; origins and development of; conditions for; examples; Spartan attitude toward) - Spartanatitude towars tyranny ( there only against tyanranny when its supports their means lyric, elegiac and iambic poetry (narrative voice; poets; compared to epic; relationship to tyranny) - Elegiac= form elegeso ( originally funeral songs ) a kind of poery Iamabic – blame poetry and personal attacks identifications agora Alkaios (Alcaeus) IMAGE - praises her (Sappho ) n his poems of Lesbos and wrote songs fro drinking parties foe of tryant zecgos Alkman (Alcman) = of Sparta composer of choral songs for a poleis (biogeographers said to be slave of foreigners from Near East subject matter = events in life rites of
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Unformatted text preview: passage ect (women run naked Archilochos (Archilochus ) boule ekklesia First Sacred War demos Hipponax = nasty whore seduce people daughters and shame them into suicide hoplite IMAGE Kleisthenes of Sikyon Kypselids of Corinth (Kypselos, Periandros) Pheidon of Argos Phoenicians poliad deity Polyktrates of Samos = a historical f=igures he is from a ruling military family allies with eqypt this makes samos a sea power he builkds herian tunnel patron of tha rts Sparta attempts to overthrow doesn’t work victim Sappho IMAGE- of Lesbos under tyranny in archaic period wealthy merchant family girls teacher love poetry : celebrations SHE TALKS ABOUT LOVE AND CELBRATION LOVE AND WAR = symposion IMAGE...
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