So called 1st Peloponesian War

So called 1st Peloponesian War - o Tolmides invades to keep...

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So called 1 st Peloponesian War - The 1 st Peloponesian War o Athens moves against neighbors and longtime enemies Aigina and Megara o Corinth comes to Aid Aigina and they are decisively defeated by Athens - Conflict in Biotia o Spartan ally vs Athenian Ally o Battle of Tanagra =Athesn takes control of biotia - Athenian General Tolmides raids around Peloponese to show how voulnerable - 5 Yead truce between Athens an d Sparta - 2 nd Sacred War o Sparta than Athens assert control over Delpi - Battle of Coroneia and revolt of Athenian Allies
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Unformatted text preview: o Tolmides invades to keep biotnia in line and he is defeated and killed o Troops captured Athens negotiates release o Sparta invades attika and Athenian allies revolt -30 Years Peace o 446 negotiates by KAllias o Athens must stay out of peloponese Looses land and part of its empire -Revolt of Samos o Oligarchic Samos vs Miletos ( who askes Athens dor Help) Athens captures Samos and makes it democratic...
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