Lecture 27 - 27-1 showing I L , I R , and I IN . Fig. 27-4:...

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Lecture 27 figures 1 Fig. 27-1: A parallel LR network driven by a current source. We will determine V 1 , I L , and I R using Nodal Analysis. Fig. 27-3: The time- dependent currents i L (t), i R (t), and i IN (t). Fig. 27-2: The current phasor diagram for the circuit of Fig.
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Unformatted text preview: 27-1 showing I L , I R , and I IN . Fig. 27-4: A circuit with two meshes. We will apply mesh analysis to determine I 1 and I 2 . Fig. 27-5: A network for which we will use superposition to determine V 2 ....
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