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Purdue University, School of IE, Fall 2009 IE 332 Computing in Industrial Engineering 1 Assignment No. 1 Solution Guidelines Due Date: Friday, September 4, 2009 * * * Note: These are guidelines for checking your full answers, these are NOT complete solutions. Topic: Computing and Information Systems in Industrial Organizations Reading: Chapter 1. The Modern Organization Chapter 2. Information Systems: Concepts and Management TG 1. Computer Hardware (Optional) TG3. Protecting Your Information Assets Lab: Facility Layout Design Using AutoCAD (1) Knowledge Questions (know the answers, but do not submit.) a) What is the difference and what is the relation between “IT infrastructure” and “IT architecture”? Illustrate your answer in the case of an online travel agency. The IT (or computing) architecture is a high-level map or plan of the information assets in an organization. It integrates the entire organization’s business needs for information, the IT infrastructure, and all computing applications. The IT (or computing) infrastructure consists of the implemented, physical facilities, IT components, IT services, and IT personnel that support the entire organization by computing. An organization is guided by its IT architecture to build and implement its information system. The IT infrastructure is not the blueprint. It includes basic IT entities that support the IT architecture. In the case of online travel agency, the IT infrastructure includes software (e.g., Windows XP), hardware (e.g., server, PC), networks (e.g., wireless network), IT employees (e.g., programmer), data management (e.g., a relational database system), security management (e.g., a combination of firewall and antivirus software), and system development (e.g., a R&D team with software and hardware support). The IT architecture integrates the IT infrastructure with other components and is the blueprint for an airline company to build its information systems and computing services. b) Understand the difference between: Data; information; knowledge; wisdom. Illustrate for microelectronics facility design. (See definitions in the textbook) In microelectronics facility design, the dimension of a machine is an example of data item. The machine name, quantity, and its dimension together are an example of information (data with specific meaning). The layout of a microelectronics facility is
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Purdue University, School of IE, Fall 2009 IE 332 Computing in Industrial Engineering 2 an example of knowledge. Wisdom is a person’s insight and judgment based on his/her accumulated knowledge, including the understanding of which and where to apply certain knowledge. An example of wisdom is a person’s ability to design sustainable facilities. c) Understand the role of different IT solutions for different levels of an organization (Figs. 1.2;
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HW1_Solutions - Purdue University School of IE Fall 2009 IE...

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