HW2 - Purdue University School of IE Fall 2009 IE 332...

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Purdue University, School of IE, Fall 2009 IE 332 Computing in Industrial Engineering 1 Assignment No. 2 Due Date: Monday, September 14, 2009 Topic: Computing and Information Systems in Industrial Organizations Reading: Chapter 2. Information Systems Chapter 3. Ethics, Privacy, and Information Security Chapter 8.1,2. Organizational Information Systems Lab: Product Design Using AutoCAD; CAD, CAM, CAE, and CIM (1) Knowledge Questions (know the answers, but do not submit.) a) For the case of Chevron Corp. (pp. 30-1), what were the problems caused by non- integrated, non-purpose-aligned functional information systems? What are some of the main engineering, economic, and social reasons for integration in this case? How does computing enable this integration, allowing cost-effective information sharing? Could it occur without computing? (Explain!) b) What are the CBIS used in the case of CarMax (p. 34)? What key advantage do they provide? c) What is your opinion about the ethical issues encountered by TJX (p. 60-61)? Structure your answer along the four ethical categories related to computing. d) Give two examples of privacy policy guidelines for each of the three main areas (p. 66).
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HW2 - Purdue University School of IE Fall 2009 IE 332...

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