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Purdue University, School of IE, Fall 2009 IE 332 Computing in Industrial Engineering 1 Assignment No. 2 Solution Guidelines Due Date: Monday, September 14, 2009 * * * Note: These are guidelines for checking your full answers, these are NOT complete solutions. Topic: Computing and Information Systems in Industrial Organizations Reading: Chapter 2. Information Systems Chapter 3. Ethics, Privacy, and Information Security Chapter 8.1,2. Organizational Information Systems Lab: Product Design Using AutoCAD; CAD, CAM, CAE, and CIM (1) Knowledge Questions (know the answers, but do not submit.) a) For the case of Chevron Corp. (pp. 30-1), what were the problems caused by non- integrated, non-purpose-aligned functional information systems? What are some of the main engineering, economic, and social reasons for integration in this case? How does computing enable this integration, allowing cost-effective information sharing? Could it occur without computing? (Explain!) Some problems caused by non-integrated, non-purpose-aligned functional information systems are (1) needs to handle lots of function, such as exploration and production in “upstream side” and refining, marketing, transportation and sales in the “downstream side”. (2) handles lots of information transaction, eg. 1 million e-mail messages every day and deal with data at 2 terabytes per day. (3) management wanted a stronger business focus and stronger alignment between IT and business strategy The main reasons for integration are to have higher profits and higher collaboration between employees, business partners, and customers. Chevron has standardized desktops, laptops, and operating systems, integrated company’s network and standardized its servers, and employs SharePoint for communication and collaboration. b) What are the CBIS used in the case of CarMax (p. 34)? What key advantage do they provide? Through the use of RFID technology, CarMax built an inventory control and tracking system which allows the company and customers to locate a particular car, to know how long it has been in inventory, how much interest there has been in test driving it and to transfer it to a different location if necessary. In addition, buyers can access the data to appraise cars. These abilities aid in understanding the optimal combination of inventory and pricing. The access to information is what differentiates CarMax from its competitors. Customers can view the information nationwide in a non-threatening environment. Showroom computers give customers access to the catalog of over 20,000 cars. (Other examples can be given.)
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Purdue University, School of IE, Fall 2009 IE 332 Computing in Industrial Engineering 2 c) What is your opinion about the ethical issues encountered by TJX (p. 60-61)? Structure your answer along the four ethical categories related to computing.
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HW2_Solutions - Purdue University, School of IE, Fall 2009...

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