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Purdue University, School of IE, F 2009 IE 332 Computing in Industrial Engineering 1 Assignment No. 4 Due Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2009 Topic: Networked Computing and communication Reading: Chapter 6. e-Work, e-Business, and e-Commerce Chapter 7. Wireless, Mobile Computing TG2 Computer software review (continue) Lab: Simulation with AutoMod (1) Knowledge Questions (know the answers, but do not submit.) a) Complete question (1) (a) from Assignment No. 3 about “Review Computer Software and Communication Networks class notes, TG2, and TG4 and know the answers to the 60 questions in the appendix (T/F and multiple choices).” . b) Questions 1, 3 “FreshDirect” case (pp. 169); which model from Table 6.1 (p. 171) is applied by FreshDirect? c) Questions 1, 2, 5 (p. 173) d) Understand the RFID case (pp. 200-2), and explain how each of the three types of computing described in the “Lessons Learned” helps/can help the solutions provided. e) Table 7.1 (p. 204); Questions 1, 2 (p. 208); 1, 2 (p. 219); 5, 7, 8, 9 (pp. 227) (2) Answer and submit your answers to the following questions a) Explain about e-Work and illustrate each in the cases surveyed by W. Jeong (class notes/discussions): (i) What are five e-Work features and functions? (ii) What are five e-Work tools and models? (iii) How does e-Work enable v-design? i-robotics? e-Logistics? (iv) What is the benefit of wireless activities in the context of e-Work? (v) Give one example for e-Work, one for e-Business, and one for e-Commerce using LAN. b) (i) Explain briefly three challenges industrial engineers face in developing e-Work. (ii) Select four e-Commerce models (Table 6.1) that are closest, in your opinion, to IE functions, and justify your selection. (iii) For the four selected models in (ii), find examples for each of them on the web, and describe their
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HW4 - Purdue University, School of IE, F 2009 IE 332...

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