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Purdue University, School of IE, F 2009 IE 332 Computing in Industrial Engineering 1 Assignment No. 6 Due Date: Monday, November 23, 2009 Topic: Computing with Information & Knowledge Reading: Chapter 4. Data and Knowledge Management Lab: Data Base Management with ACCESS (1) Knowledge Questions (know the answers, but do not submit.) a) Understand the data life cycle (Fig. 4.1) b) Understand the six data problems (Sec. 4.2) and illustrate their solution by a database (Fig. 4.2) c) Understand E-R modeling and diagram (Fig. 4.4) d) “Web Activity” 1 on pg. 131: focus on products for data and knowledge management; business intelligence; Web connections. e) (This part is due to be completed by the due date of HW 7.) Know the answers to the 15 questions in the appendix below (Note: there can be one or more correct answers for multiple-choice questions) and illustrate your answer whenever necessary. (2) Answer and submit your answers to the following questions a) Read the case of Panasonic (pp. 104-5) and answer the following questions: (i) What is the main data management issue in this case and why? (ii) What are management, organization, and technology challenges in solving this issue? List at least three challenges. (iii) What is the difference between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom? Illustrate them for this case. (iv) What is knowledge management? Illustrate two applications of how knowledge management can be used to enhance performance. (iv) What are the advantages of data warehousing, and how can Panasonic benefit from this approach? b) (i) Compare between several logical data models and explain their respective advantages and
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HW6 - Purdue University, School of IE, F 2009 IE 332...

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