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1 Decision Support Systems [Ch. 9+] Learning Objectives: 1. The process of decision making and computerized support for decision making 2. Decision support systems (DSSs): Benefits, structure; computerized support for group decision making 3. Organizational decision support and executive support systems 4. Business Intelligence (BI); data mining, dashboards, data visualization techniques 5. Artificial intelligence (AI) IE332 F’09 a. Expert system: Its definition and its components b. Natural language processing and generation c. Artificial neural networks ( ANNs) and their major applications d. Fuzzy logic and its applications 2 The Process of Decision Making A decision is a choice made between two or more alternatives Any choice compares costs benefits and risks Any choice compares costs, benefits, and risks Organizational goals are achieved through a process of decisions on the use of limited resources (people, money, energy, materials, space, time) Applied resources are considered inputs ; the attainment of the goals is viewed as the output of the process. The ratio between inputs and outputs is an indication of the IE332 F’09 organization’s productivity . Good decisions result in good performance Optimal decisions result in optimal performance
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