IT+Org Ch 1 -3 - 1 IT and Organizations [Ch. 1, 2, 3]...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 IT and Organizations [Ch. 1, 2, 3] Objectives Why computing & IT? Understand pressures and responses in the emerging Information Age / digital economy Differentiate between data and information, and describe the characteristics of high-quality data Id. and describe the components of an information system Understand the capabilities expected of computing & information systems in modern organizations Understand opportunities for operational and strategic use IE332 F_09 Understand opportunities for operational and strategic use of computing & information systems Think: How has IT/computing influenced an organization you know well? Discuss the bad, good, and risky influences! 2 Case (p. 16): A Compliance Culture at Humana The general structure of case-studies A good way to understand and analyze case studies 1/4 -- The business/engineering Problem Healthcare company, 9.3 mil. Members, must comply with regulations Y2K (formatting; interoperability, more) HIPPA {health, medical data portability, exchange, privacy} case-studies You can typically find four elements IE332 F_09 2/4 -- The Solution Define policy and organize Tiger (IS+) teams for compliance centers Reorganize Revamp information security model Procedures (remove data from desks); mandatory re-training (Read further details) 3 3/4 The Results Case (continued) Certain improved process attributes Certain improved performance results Certain improved performance results (measurable?) success &/or failures HUMANA examples: Being fully HIPPA compliant enables better communication with insurance companies, brokers, and hospitals IE332 F_09 Interoperability with private, secure information reduces errors, costs, response time, error corrections, faster and better handling of customers requests/complaints Easier for Humana to sell its services (Do we have measures, KPIs?) 4 Case (continued) 4/4 -- What can we learn from this case?? Can we make it a case model for future designs and decisions? For comparison and practice models? Importance of compliance Role of IS in enabling compliance; responsiveness IE332 F_09 Challenges for the IS functions, e.g., format, protocols, security, periodic training for users of IS....
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IT+Org Ch 1 -3 - 1 IT and Organizations [Ch. 1, 2, 3]...

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