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Chapter 1 Summary -...

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f886baaaa3baddd0faaa28eeec4d23c792c47da3.doc 1 IE 370 Ch1. Introduction to Manufacturing Engineering (1) What is engineering: creating artifacts based on scientific principles (2) What is manufacturing: materials, processes, systems 1 Products = materials - processes - machines Making a pot Steel, aluminum, etc. Forming, in plastic region of the stress-strain diagram Press Making a needle Steel Drawing, EDM cutting Drawing die and machine, disc EDM Making a hammer Iron, Steel Drop forge Making a toy Plastics Injection molding Injection molding machine Need to make a mold Making an airplane structure part Aluminum alloy Machining - milling, drilling Milling machine, machining center Making fuel injector Steel Turning, grinding, EDM injector hole drilling Different machine tools Making tiny motors, sensors (Micro Electronics Mechanical Systems) Silicon ECM, lithography, etc. semiconductor manufacturing process Special machines Making rapid prototypes Polymer, paper, wax StereoLithography, 3D printing, etc. Different machines
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Chapter 1 Summary -...

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