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Homework 1 (Feb 5 th ) Problems 1. What role does manufacturing play relative to the standard of living of a country? 2. Give examples of a job shop, flow shop, and project shop. 3. How does a manufacturing system differ from a manufacturing process? What are the definitions of machine tool, job and operation? 4. What are the physical elements in a manufacturing system? 5. What costs make up manufacturing cost (sometimes called the product cost)? 6. What are major phases of a product life cycle? 7. What are the three types of static stresses to which materials are subjected? 8. What are the properties commonly associated with metallic materials, ceramic materials
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Unformatted text preview: and plastic materials respectively? 9. What are some of the important physical properties of materials? 10. What are the major classifications of basic manufacturing processes? 11. What is the difference between engineering stress and true stress in a tensile test? 12. What are the three types of mechanical behavior (stress/strain curves) during tensile test? What are the types of materials that have these three types of mechanical behavior respectively? 13. What is fatigue strength and endurance limit? 14. What is fracture toughness and toughness respectively?...
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