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HW4 solution - IE 370 Homework 4 1 Copper is being reduced...

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IE 370 Homework 4 1) Copper is being reduced from a hot-rolled 3/8 in diameter rod to a final diameter of 0.1 in. by wire drawing through a series of dies. The final write should have a yield strength in excess of 50,000psi and an elongation greater than 10%. Use the figure below to determine the range of suitable amount of final cold work. (hint: decide the upper and lower limit of the amount of strain) Mechanical properties of pure copper as a function of the amount of cold work (expressed in percent) Ans: From the chart we can know that for Yield strength to be greater than 50,000psi, the amount of cold working should be greater than 27%. And for Elongation greater than 10%, the amount of cold work must less than 32%. So the range of the suitable amount of cold work is 27%-32%. 2) Describe the different roll mill configurations (4) Ans: The different roll mill configurations are: Two-high: This configuration has two opposing large diameter rolls Three-high: In this configuration the work passes through both directions Four-high: This configuration has backing rolls support smaller work rolls Cluster mill: This configuration has multiple backing rolls on smaller rolls Tandem rolling mill: It refers to a sequence of two-high mills 3) Explain the barreling effect in the open die forging process. (2)
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Ans: Friction between work and die surface constrains lateral flow of work, but the material in the middle is not constrained. The heat transfer effect causes the temperature near the die to be higher than the middle part, this increase in temperature will increase
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HW4 solution - IE 370 Homework 4 1 Copper is being reduced...

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