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Solution Quiz 5 True or False: 1) The energy conversion in EDM is electric energy (electric discharge) to thermal energy (True) 2) The energy conversion in ECM is electric energy to chemical energy (True) 3) The energy conversion in laser beam machining is light energy to thermal energy (True) 4) The machining mechanism of abrasive water jet machining is erosion (True) 5) Ultrasonic machining could be used to cut hard, brittle work materials such as cermaics, glass and carbides (True) 6) EDM process could be used to machine electrical insulated materials (False) 7) ECM process is suitable to work on any kind of electrical conductive materials (False) Multiple Choices: 1) A roughing operation generally involves which one of the following combinations of cutting conditions? (a) high v,f,d (b) high v, low f and d (c) low v, high f and d (d) low v,f
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Unformatted text preview: and d Ans: c 2) Which of the following processes use mechanical energy as the principal source f energy? (a) grinding, (b) laser beam machining, (c) milling, (d) ultrasonic machining (e) water jet cutting and (f) wire EDM Ans: a.c,d,e 3) With which one of the following geometric forms is the drilling operation most closely associated? (a) external cylinder, (b) flat plane (c) round hole (d) screw threads (e) sphere Ans: c 4) Which of the three types of chip would be expected in a turning operation conducted at low cutting speeds on a brittle work material? (a) continuous, (b) continuous with built-up edge, (c) discontinuous Ans: c...
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