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CompSci 6 Introduction to Computer Science Sept. 20, 2011 Prof. Rodger CompSci 6 Fall 2011 1 Announcements Read for next time Chap. 7 Reading Quiz on Blackboard – Due before class next time Apt-one due today, apt-two out today First exam in two weeks CompSci 6 Fall 2011 2 Top 10 List – Surviving CompSci 6 10. Ask Questions 9. Read the Book 8. Visit your professor in her office 7. Learn how to spell Rodger 6. Start early and keep working until it is correct CompSci 6 Fall 2011 3 Top 10 List (cont) 5. Read the Compsci 6 bulletin board - Piazza 4. Attend class – Be on time! 3. Disconnect (email, facebook, chat, text) and focus/think about what you are doing 2. Seek help when stuck (1 hour rule) 1. Keep number for Randy’s Pizza handy CompSci 6 Fall 2011 4
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How do we solve? Given a list of names and ages, how do we figure out the names who get youth discount (under 21)? [[‘Mo’, 18], [‘Bess’,26], [‘Ed’,21][‘Z’,19]] How do we modify it to get the names to give discounts to both youths and senior citizens (65 and older)?
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