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CompSci 6 Introduction to Computer Science October 20, 2011 Prof. Rodger Announcements • No Reading or RQ for next time • Prof. Rodger hours today 11:30-12:15, out rest of the week • Assignment four due today – EXTENDED to Monday night, Oct 24 • Assignment apt-three out today, due Oct 27 – Do 6 of 7, one is extra credit – 2 in lecture, 2 in lab, must turn in 6 – Some use sets – think about when do you use a set, when do you use list… ACM Programming Contest • Solve 8 problems in 5 hours • Team of 3 students – only 1 computer • Sat. November 5 – regional contest at Duke
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Unformatted text preview: Need volunteers to help! (deliver print outs) Get free food, tshirt, may be some down time to do homework Winners to Warsaw, Poland for finals Take CompSci 149S in the fall if interested They do previous problems for practice Reading Chapter 10 Three different algorithms/approaches to finding the two smallest in a list Find, Remove, Find Sort, Identify minimums, get indices Walk through list keeping track of two smallest so far Compares them by timings...
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