cps6-111101Handout - items return (key,value) pairs...

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CompSci 6 Introduction to Computer Science November 1, 2011 Prof. Rodger Announcements • No Reading for next time, no RQ • Apt-04 out, due Thursday • Today – Writing Dictionaries/maps – Solving one apt EmailsCourse Dictionaries/Maps • Dictionaries/maps are another way of organizing data • Keys and Values – Each key maps to a value – Some keys can map to the same value – Can change the value a key maps to Example • Each student could be mapped to their favorite ice cream flavor
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Implementing a Dictionary/Map Keys map to values • Create Empty dictionary somemap = {} • Put in a key and its value somemap[“Forbes”] = “Strawberry” • Get a value for a dictionary value = somemap[“Forbes”] OR value = somemap.get(“Forbes”, “default”) • Change a value for a dictionary somemap[“Forbes’] = “Chocolate” More on using a Dictionary/Map • Get all the keys – listKeys = somemap.keys() • Get all the values – listValues = somemap.values() • Other methods – clear – empty dictionary
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Unformatted text preview: items return (key,value) pairs Iteritems return (key,value) pairs more efficiently update update with another dictionary Change Astrachans value somemap[Astrachan] = Coffee Mocha Value could be a set or list Back to Popular Name Problem: Given a list of names, determine the most popular first name and print that name with all of its last names. Input: Names are always two words, names are in a file. If multiple names are on the same line they are separated by a : Output: Most popular first name, followed by a :, followed by corresponding last names separated by a blank Now use a dictionary/map We will write three maps for practice First name to count of corresponding last names First name to list of corresponding last names First name to set of corresponding last names Which map is most useful to solve this problem? Compare Using two parallel lists? Using one dictionary/map...
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cps6-111101Handout - items return (key,value) pairs...

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