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CompSci 6 Introduction to Computer Science November 3, 2011 Prof. Rodger Announcements • No Reading for next time • Assignment 5 coming out soon! • Today – More on dictionaries – Finish APT Problem: • Suppose we get data which is a list of strings, each string is the top three songs one student likes in the order 1,2,3. songs = ["Hey Jude:Let it be:Day Tripper", "Let it be:Drive my car:Hey Jude", "I want to hold your hand:Day Tripper:Help!", "Born to run:Thunder road:She's the one",
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Unformatted text preview: "Hungry heart:The river:Born to run", "The river:Thunder road:Drive my car", "Angie:Start me up:Ruby Tuesday", "Born to run:Angie:Drive my car"] Problem: What type of dictionary should we build? Answer questions: Which is the most popular first place song? Which is the most popular song (unweighted)? Which is the most popular song weighted (3 points top song, 2 points 2cd song, 1 point last song)....
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