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CPS 82, Fall 2011 3.1 Copyright, DMCA, Intellectual Property CPS 82, Fall 2011 3.2 What's happening this week Background on copyright and DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 1998 Impacts of the law on people, technology, you Court cases and what's in the news Foundation for more: Intellectual Property Patents (less on trade secrets and trademarks) Licensing and open source software What's expected in Compsci 82 CPS 82, Fall 2011 3.3 Article I, Section 8 To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries. Copyright and patent From Constitution to US Code (section??) Can't copyright ideas Is this class copyrighted? Notes? Lecture? Who l owns z the rights, does it matter? CPS 82, Fall 2011 3.4 Copyright Basics What can by copyrighted? US Code Title 17, Section 102 Ideas? No. Fixed in tangible medium? Yes. Software and computer programs, facts and data, parodies and copies, … What about Fair Use? What about infringement?
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CPS 82, Fall 2011 3.5 From IP to IP via copyright Intellectual Property What does this mean? Can we own it? when Jefferson and his fellow creatures of the Enlightenment designed the system that became American copyright law, their primary objective was assuring the widespread distribution of thought, not profit. Profit was the fuel that would carry ideas into the libraries and minds of their new republic. Libraries would purchase books, thus rewarding the authors for their work in assembling ideas; these ideas, otherwise "incapable of confinement," would then become freely available to the public. But what is the role of libraries
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slides3-4up - Copyright, DMCA, Intellectual Property What's...

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